QueenB is a non-profit organization founded by computer science students that were disheartened by how few women enrolled to the computer science major. They decided to actively address that to increase the representation of Israeli women in the technology industry. 


Queenb's goal is to give girls and women belief and confidence in their own abilities. Our main activity is a mentorship and training program where Computer Science students teach middle-school girls code. 

What We Do

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Programming Lesson for Teenage Girls

Programming lessons on a weekly basis throughout the school year for middle-school girls. The students gain deep knowledge in Java and build 
their own smartphone app.

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Students Community

Leading local communities of female Computer Science students online and in campuses. These allow support and advice between it's members and add values to their professional development.


“At the beginning, I remember seeing a bunch of words on the computer screen and not understanding what they meant. After more and more computer science lessons and with my amazing instructors, everything began to make sense."

-Maya, 8th grade



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